django-handyhelpers is a collection of handy utilities to support Django operations. Features include:

  • management commands to generate admin pages
  • management commands to generate, views, serializers, and urls for Django Rest Framework (DRF)
  • generic base model with extensive model manager
  • generic list views and FilterByQueryParamsMixin
  • xls and csv export views
  • InvalidLookupMixin for DRF viewsets
  • a collection of generic bootstrap-based html templates

See details on django-handyhelpers features on the Features page

Requirements & Dependencies

django-handyhelpers is built on Python 3.6.x and Django 2.2.x. For a full list of packages and requirements, please see the requirements.txt file: https://github.com/davidslusser/django-handyhelpers/blob/master/requirements.txt